One is glad to be of service

I've been taking care of boxes since my first job as an EmployedWorker and in the '90s I've been providing free telecommunication service to a total of 450 registered users with my own BullettinBoardSystem called SystemShockBBS.

I've been using a wide variety of different OSes, see SystemArchitectRole for a list.

Production systems

I've designed and helped implementing the following production systems, all of which are still in service:

My philosophy is using mainstream hardware whenever possible and concentrate most services on few physical systems. The savings in cost can be used to increase availability and performance through redundancy. This strategy leads to data-centers that are easy to understand and maintain, while at the same time scaling up much better than traditional asymmetrical solutions (like web server, mail server, db server...).

Being particularly fond of the UNIX culture, I tend to keep my systems as open as possible while at the same time very secure.

TODO: add a list of server software I use/know