NOTE: This content is outdated. Please check my resume and my LinkedIn profile.

Google (2011 ~ 2021)

I worked on Google's Search Infrastructure for about 7 years, then worked on the Android networking stack and DNS for about 3 years.

Free Software Foundation (2010 ~ 2011)

I was a Senior Systems Administrator at the FreeSoftwareFoundation for about one year.

I maintained and updated the FSF hosting infrastructure comprising approximately 100 virtual machines, powering web services for about 50 different domains.

Among the projects hosted by the FSF, I supported the GNU Project, Savannah, Trisquel and Sugar Labs.

SEAC (1996 ~ 2000)

I worked as a software and firmware engineer for SeacCompany from June 1996 to April 2000.

My projects ranged from developing C++ software for Windows to writing firmware for 8-bit and 16-bit microcontrollers. I worked both on fully-automatic clinical analyzers with robot arms and smaller instruments for emergencies.

Later, I continued my collaboration with SEAC as a consultant and afterwards through Develer.