Google (2011-present)

I'm a member of the Static Content Service team, part of the Search Infrastructure group. Our software serves the highest number of queries per second at Google across all products.

Free Software Foundation (2010-2011)

I've worked as a Senior Systems Administrator at the FreeSoftwareFoundation for about one year.

I've been working on maintaining and updating a hosting infrastructure comprising approximately 100 virtual machines running presence and collaboration services for about 50 different domains.

Among the projects hosted by the FSF, I've been supporting the GNU Project, Savannah, Trisquel, Gnewsense and Sugar Labs.

SEAC (1996-2000)

I worked as a software and firmware engineer for SeacCompany from June 1996 to April 2000.

My assignments ranged from developing C++ software for Windows to writing firmware for 8 and 16bit microcontrollers. I worked both on fully-automatic clinical analyzers with robot arms and smaller instruments for emergencies.

Later, I continued my collaboration with SEAC as a consultant and afterwards through Develer.