I've done consulting work for several customers, including my former employer, SeacCompany.

Projects varied from maintenance and enhancement of existing large systems to development of entirely new applications. I've done plenty of embedded development for small microcontrollers.

One of my main customers was a subsidiary of MarconiCompany, later aquired by GilbarcoCompany. I did development all over PumaPro, a huge C++ commerce system (the codebase was about the same size of the Linux kernel).

I've been also involved as an investor as well as a consultant in SiriusCompany, where I developed most of the firmware using Atmel's AVR MicroControllers.

Another prominent project was a pre-compiler and interpreter for a complex configuration file used as input to a simulator of the Italian GPRS cell network. This work was done for TelecomItaliaCompany.

Initially, I did most of my work from home or directly on-site. Later, I shared office space with two other consultants, one of which became my business partner in DevelerCompany.