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NOTE: These pages are unmaintained as of early 2000.

Welcome to my personal home page. My name is Bernardo and I live in Florence (Italy).

I'm a software developer, computer science enthusiast and UNIX hacker. I mostly do embedded systems design, but I also occasionally do some high-level programming too. I currently own three computers: an Amiga 4000, an old Sun SparcStation 4 and a boring PC which runs my very personal distribution of Linux.


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Latest News

04.01.2002 Added newrpms and ip-up.local to the Projects page.
27.08.2001 Today I was bored, so I fixed this page to be 100% compliant with the XHTML 1.0 specification. Yeah, I should really get a life.
28.10.2000 I finally got permanent Internet connectivity, so I moved these pages to, my brand new domain name hosted by my home PC. I also added a search function with the ht://dig search engine and cleaned up some small details in the HTML and CSS (it's now 99% valid according to the W3C validator).
31.05.2000 Uploaded latest snapshots of XModule 4.0 and BernieHeaders. Keep breathing: both are minor updates with a few small changes.
24.05.2000 I'm now an official NetBSD developer. You can contact me at for questions related to NetBSD.
16.05.2000 Small changes to the layout of the main page. Updated my resume (italian version only) to match the current situation.
05.02.2000 Small restyling to the main page layout.
01.02.2000 Some IFF ILBM pictures converted to GIF87a for those poor guys who don't have a DataTypes enabled browser ;-).
30.01.2000 Added page hits counter (see below in the side bar) and experimental Cascading Style Sheet support (main page only).
02.01.1900 My article about AROS, previously published by Amiga Life, is now available on AMiWorld both in English and Italian. I wish to thank both magazines for the work they have done, and expecially Joachim Thomas, who made the translation.
(BTW: have a happy Y2K ;-).
06.12.1999 Released the AmigaOS V44 Changes Guide.
Also updated some other Amiga projects: Boopsi classes, AllocFrags, Headers.
21.08.1999 This page is now hosted by Worldlink. Also added some small image links to the navigation bar.
14.08.1999 Added some interesting screenshots of AROS
14.08.1999 Fixed some HTML errors in this page and updated my age to 25 :-)
03.08.1999 Added sysinst to the NetBSD projects page.
18.07.1999 Added log from the #AmigaUnix IRC conference.
Improved the look of the title page by moving the links to a left side column.
13.06.1999 Added a page with some of my articles (almost all in Italian, sorry).
13.06.1999 Added Slim to my job page.
13.06.1999 The S-Cube Home Page is no longer hosted here, added a link redirecting to the new page.
13.06.1999 Updated my Resume (Italian version).
05.06.1999 Updated the Amiga Projects page to fix the link to the XModule 4.0 pre-alpha source code distribution.
26.04.1999 Updated the BNAS page, updated my e-mail address in some pages.
04.03.1999 Added my photograph, fixed page layout.
04.02.1999 A bit of cleanup. Added my header files to the projects section.
24.01.1999 Added the projects page.
06.01.1999 Created this home page and uploaded on Cosmos.


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