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UNIX projects
Deluxe Loginfo

A tool to generate e-mail summaries of CVS SVN changesets for multiple repositories.

The log message provides full details: author, log message, the list of modified files and, optionally, a unified diff format patch for the change.

deluxeloginfo features HTML output for colored diffs and integration with Bugzilla and ViewCVS.

The HTML log looks like this: screenshot


You can download the latest version here: deluxeloginfo V2.122 [43KB]


Another quick & dirty Perl hack for RPM-based Linux distributions. Scans a directory of packages and finds out which ones are newer than the installed versions.

It's expecially useful if you're tracking the unstable branch of a distribution such as Fedora.


You can get it from here: newrpms version 1.3 [3.5KB]

BNAS - A basic network audio system

See the BNAS home page.

Contributions to AROS

AROS is a portable, open-source replacement for AmigaOS. It currently runs hosted on Linux and FreeBSD, or as a stand-alone OS on standard PCs. Other ports are in progress.

Some screenshots of AROS are available here.

Visit the AROS project home page to learn more on it.

Amiga free software

The Amiga had an innovative multitasking OS which was in many ways superior to many other OSes of the same era.

Please visit my Amiga Projects page.

Contributions to NetBSD

NetBSD is an open-source UNIX-like OS that runs on several architectures. As its name suggests, NetBSD is based on Berkeley's 4.4BSD.

Since May 2000, I'm an official NetBSD developer (

Please visit my NetBSD projects page.

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