October 2010

Fri, Oct 15 — First classroom sessions

Young children really do learn fast. I can hardly believe that how fast some of them went from using a computer for the first time to browsing the Internet.

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Mon, Oct 11 — Laptops handout!

Finally, the long awaited day has come.

Our team distributed laptops to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade children of the pilot school annex to the Instituto de Formaçao de Professores de Matola.

Considering that this was the first experience for everyone in the national OLPC team, today's operations went remarkably smoothly. We organized an assembly line with multiple stages: box opening, firmware upgrades, labeling, inventorying and checkout.

Tomorrow the school will be closed for teacher's day. On Wednesday, we'll start to see some action in the classrooms!

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