Wed, 13th August - Ties photos

My geeky roommate Ties just sent me a link to his Flickr photostream. Enjoy:

Wed, 13th August - Monkey Business

I have not much to shor or tell, so you get to see this archive photo of a monkey with a cute baby eating corn flakes:

Monkey business
Monkey business

Sun, 3rd August - Home sweet home

My wonderful GeekiGeeki just gained the ability to display directories and preview thumbnails of images, turning it into a sort of poor man's Flickr. Overall, it increased the size by a whopping 50 lines, but, what the hell, it was well worth it!

Now that I gave my parents and non-geeky friends enough techobabble to worry about, here is a picture of me and my roommates in our living room.

L2R:Bernie, Ties, Doug, Dev
L2R:Bernie, Ties, Doug, Dev

Yes, that lard ball on the left is me... And, yes, this darn diet is not going very well, even though I abolished alcohol, sweets and plenty of other Good Things (tm) :-(

Also note my highly stylish head & neck suntan.

You can find many more photos here: BagdolHome. If you find the "hidden" links, from there you can navigate through my whole photo archive. With such a wiki, who needs iPhoto? ;-)

I've also retroactively updated last month's July2008Blog with pictures and some more details.