Bernie's brain backup for October 2007

The story continues in NovemberBlog, of course.

Thursday, the 25th

It seems that FlorenceCity, where I come from, decided to help our project. Tomorrow my friend Torello will discuss the details with MattKeller, the OLPC director for Europe.


Monday, the 22nd

Yesterday we had a good dinner at RodDee, a Thai takeaway in Brookline. Despite the look and feel, the food is awesome. Highly recommended unless you're on diet.

Tuesday, the 2nd

Pics from New York

Our good old friend SamDean sent us his photos from our trip together to NewYorkCity a few months ago:

Monday, the 1st


Our president Walter comes to OneCambridgeCenter every day riding a bike. So I asked him if he new a bike shop where I could buy a cheap one for myself.

And, guess what? Instrad of just telling me, he just got me a blue Huffy he had at home!


The bike is identical to the picture. It had not been used for some time, so it had both tires flat. But Walter pumped them on and they seem to be holding. The chain also clanks a little, but I'm sure a drop of oil will fix that too.

Wow! I can now cut half of the time on my way to the office by getting directly to the JFK/U-Mass red line station on the bike!

Or maybe I could even attempt going all the way to the office... It won't be faster, but it's good exercise and could help me loose some more weight. Yes, I'm stuck at 146 pounds and I don't seem to be able to loose any more by just eating veggie food and replacing sugar with sweateners.