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July 2007

Fri, 20th

In Wales

Araf! I'm currently host of my good friend Cristina and her husband, in the small town of Llanon, near the city of Aberystwyth.

I asked for directions outside Birmingham: "I'm going to a place whose name I can't even pronounce". "Sounds like Wales, then" said the man I had stopped.

Anyway, the place is nice. It would be much nicer if it stopped damn raining, but, you know, this is the United Kingdom after all.

This reminds me of a funny story: as usual, yesterday I drove out of the parking without looking in the wrong direction. This time, a car passed by cursing me with its horn. So I finished my manover, of course going to on the right lane by force of habit.

At this point, the car in front of me stopped, and I noticed it was strangely colored with yellow and orange stickers. A uniform came out and at this point I realized it was a policeman.

He walked to my window, bearing a very serious face. Finally, he told me: "don't you know how to drive? You're supposed to stay on the *left*!"

Promptly, I replied: "Err... Sorry... I'm used to drive on the right, you know? It's my first time in *England*!"

And the policeman, even more serious: "You mean in Wales, don't you?". He'd probably close an eye for driving on the left, but not for calling his homeland England!!! :-)

Well, driving on the left is a pleasant experience. And it's not even as hard as I thought: anybody not too much attached to their lives should give it a try!

Sun, 8th

Trip to Europe

I booked a round-trip flight to London. Departure on July 14th, return on August 7th.

I'll stay in England for a few days to attend to the GuadecConference in Birmingham and visit my friend Cristina in Aberystwyth, Wales.

I'm looking fwd to see all my Italian friends soon! I've not yet booked a flight to Italy, but I've got an appointment at the US Consulate in Florence for July the 26th for a B1 (non immigrant business visitor visa). This will hopefully extend my permanence another 6 months.

Bender KO

Ok, bender has been down again for some time. Someone must have fixed (e.g. rebooted) it during the weekend. Thanks.

But I'm very curious what's wrong with it. Last time, mostro reported that dhclient had lost the IP. Is it dhclient, then? Or the dhcp server in the dlink modem?

Sat, 7th


Today we went to NewHampshire for a trip. The original plan was to camp somewhere, but the weather sucked, so instead we went to see the village of the Shakers:

Pretty interesting.

Sun, 1st


Since I'm basically forced out of the UnitedStates, I guess I could go here:

I've never been a strong Gnome supporter. Actually, I've not even been a Gnome user until lately.

Then why? Well, one reason is that it's in Birmingham, next to where my friend Cristina lives. She invited me so many times to visit her in England, and I really wanted to, but I never had the opportunity to do it in so many years.

Another good reason is that some of the OLPC people will be there. And I'll be able to meet many other non-OLPC hackers too.

If you want to come over, please contact me.

Body mass

My body mass increased to 154 pounds. Or the gravity of earth increased just too fool me.


I've updated the license of PikiPlus to GPLv3, and I invite you to do the same with your programs and with any programs distributed under the GPLv2 with the "or later version" clause.