About codewiz.org

This website hosts my personal wiki, my photos and my blog.

About this wiki

You're invited to edit these pages! Make practice in the WikiSandBox. You may want to read the EditingTips to get started. Editing requires authentication. If you don't have a real account, you can login as AnonymousCoward with empty password.

About the software powering this website

This web site is powered by my own minimalistic wiki engine called GeekiGeeki.

Why would someone host my own wiki, blog and photo sharing when there are dozens of free-beer alternatives online?

It's a matter of remaining autonomous from online services as much as possible. Call me a fundamentalist, but I find it very disturbing to give up my online identity to services whose conditions are established and changed unilaterally.

The definition of open knowledge is still a subject of discussion. At this time, I tend to boycot those online web services that make it intentionally hard bulk access to data created collaboratively by their users. Examples of such badly behaving sites are IMDB and Flickr: both have been created by us, but try downloading substantial portions of their data, if you can. On the other end of the spectrum, the Wikipedia provides an interface to dump the entire database, including the history of edits. This is what we should demand from any online resource built collaboratively.

My current personal policy is to use those non-reciprocal services in read-only mode, thus avoiding to grow their information base with my help.

Promoting users' autonomy is in the long-term interest of a free Internet.