The $200 Laptop is Coming!

"We are putting a deluxe laptop in the hands of every privileged child in the world!"Ebenezer Scrooge, TLPC CEO


A Laptop for the Elite

The $200 laptop aims to create healthy free competition by providing better performance and more features for those who can afford it.

the right laptop for your spoiled brats

now for just $400!

A $rich$ set of features

Our first product, the XOXO, comes with:

Designed by the Department of Redundancy Department.

Smart Computer, Dumb Kid

If you really love your kids, then you must buy them the best on the market!

Designed from the ground up for the children of rich consumer countries: the laptop that grows along with your kids*.

With twice as many features, your children will learn twice as much! Think about it, you know it's true!

[*] we'll make sure you will have to upgrade it every year!

Charity is for wimps!

Join our original "GIVE 0, GET 2" program NOW!

See for yourself from this independent market analysis:

You spend$400$399.99
You give1 XO0
Pay per viewnacharged on your card

A glimpse into the future

The TLPC Consortium is proud to unveil its upcoming products, with enhanced collaboration and document sharing features.

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