My good old friend MicheleConsoleBattilana, CEO of CloantoCompany, recently sent me the latest edition of AmigaForever 2006 Premium Edition.

While the OpenFirmware can't boot off a plain CD-ROM designed for the legacy 16bit BIOS, it didn't take too much hacking before I could get the actual UAE binary to start from the Terminal activity:

You may want to configure the system for the very high resolution of the XO display:

The emulation is fast and smooth. I didn't have much success with the demos, mostly because I was unable to reach an adequate emulation speed on the Geode while running UAE with legacy 680x0 processors, which disables the JIT CPU emulator.

The future and
The future and "The Future Ahead of its Time" next to each other
A nice Workbench environment for your XO
A nice Workbench environment for your XO

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