Online upgrade an i386 Fedora system to x86_64


WARNING: This exercise has been performed by experienced stunt sysadmins. Do not try this at home without professional supervision.

You will need to manually download a few packages from the repository. A full local mirror of the repository might make things a little easier, but it's not required. I use lftp or lftpget with these paths conveniently bookmarked:

Always check the updates directory first for the latest version of the rpm, or you might end up with incompatible dependencies.


Enough talking, now let's roll:

Good luck!


If something goes wrong and you're stuck with an unworkable, you could boot off a 64bit live CD and manually copy the files you need or chroot into your half-upgraded system.

You might need to unpack rpms with rpm2cpio. Also note a few rpm options useful in recovery scenarios: root, justdb, rebuilddb.

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