NOTE: This content is outdated. Please check my resume and my LinkedIn profile.

Current Occupation

I'm a Software Engineer at Google. I mainly work on a high-performance, highly-reliability component of Google's search infrastructure.

I'm also co-founder of Sugar Labs, a non-profit developing a constructionist learning engine targeted at low-age children. I served on the Oversight Board for the past 3 years and I'm currently coordinator of the Infrastructure Team.

Previous occupations

From 2010 to 2011, I've been Senior Systems Administrator at the Free Software Foundation, where I developed and maintained a hosting infrastructure comprising about 100 virtual machines FSF, the GNU project, Savannah, Trisquel, Gnewsesne, and dozens of other projects.

Before that, I've been a consultant for several One Laptop Per Child deployments: OLE Nepal, Paraguay Educa, LATU (Technology Laboratory of Uruguay) and Mozambique (for OLPC Association). While on site, I worked on system software, networking infrastructure, security systems, training of local engineers and communication with upstream developers.

In 2007, after selling my business in Italy, I did a "sabbatical" year in the Boston Greater Area, where I worked pro-bono as a developer for OneLaptopPerChild.